My favourite game: Miami 10-13 NY Giants, Wembley’s first taste of NFL


It was a night for raincoats and thermals at Wembley on 28 October 2007, not T-shirt and shorts; hot drinks not cold brewskis at the tailgate party for the sensible in the crowd of 81,176; and the sodden pitch, designed for football, cut up in seconds leaving huge divots and bad first impressions.

The only play worth highlighting was Eli Manning’s super slow-motion 10-yard run for New York’s only touchdown and the final score was barely relevant to most either. It was an event, with a capital E, V, E, N and T because this was the first regular-season game played outside North America, the culmination of decades of endeavour in the UK.

Channel 4 showed highlights – extraordinary to think these days but on a week delay – in 1982 and the late-night Super Bowl ritual was formed. A weekly American football newspaper, First Down, was produced, a domestic competition sprung up and there were pre-season American Bowl games at Wembley from 1986-1993. There were the heady days of the World League and the London Monarchs winning the first World Bowl in 1991, provoking semi-serious discussion of a game between them and the worst team of the 1990 NFL season, which, rather remarkably given the past 20-odd years, was New England.

It was all that and more. The late Sunday nights listening to the Armed Forces Network as its medium-wave signal faded in and out, whistling and crackling live commentaries. Then came weekly live games on TV every Sunday and Monday and the emergence of a market big enough to satisfy the NFL’s rapacious desire for yet more millions of dollars.

It was scarcely believable that here were two NFL teams, right in front of us with all the rigamarole and pageantry; at kick-off thousands of cameras lit up the dark sky. There were tears in the packed press boxes.

Those closer to the action were also in awe. David Tossell, of the NFL London office, told me: “Even when we first knew we were going to be staging the game it was pretty daunting, so the moment that always sticks with me was when The Feeling were performing the pre-game show and my boss and I looked around at the packed stands and turned to each other and said: international is on the radar of Fenerbahce, says Sky Italia.Khedira faces a battle for a place in Juve’s midfield under new coach Maurizio Sarri and has been told he can leave should he find the right club.A move to MLS has been mooted for the vete ‘Wow, we did it.’”

Things moved so quickly it was noticeable to the players. Osi Umenyiora, the former Giant, born in England and now an award-winning analyst for the BBC, said: “The crowd was amazing but I wasn’t sure how much they understood about what they were seeing. I really noticed a difference when I returned to play for the Atlanta Falcons.”

and the International Series, as it is now marketed, featured four games in London last year, two at Wembley and two at Tottenham’s new stadium with a pitch and dressing rooms installed especially for thn de Beek.Marca says United are trying to pry the Dutchman away from Los Blancos’ grasp with a last-ditch offer.Van de Beek expected to make the move to the Spanish capital last summer but, given that Real Madrid were unable to sell James Rodriguez ae sport. Every year talk of a franchise in London builds while the provoked the theory of every team playing once outside the US. That appears unlikely for now, as is fanciful talk of a Super Bowl being played in London.

On a micro level, in September the NFL AcadThe Molineux outfit recorded a brave 2-1 away win over Slovan Bratislava on Thursday, with Jimenez scoring the decisive penalty.He told BT Sport: “For me it’s always in my mind that I’m going to score. It’s my style of shooting penalty kicks, I’m nevemy opened in north London, giving young athletes the opportunity to combine full-time education with training from professional coaches. The aim is for the best to go to colleges in the US and, though a huge long shot, the NFL.

There is another lasting effect of this game that benefits all those who visit Wembley now. The stadium’s creaky infrastructure was overwhelmed that night and the NFL demanded major improvement. Thus, anyone who uses the wifi at Wembley can thank the NFL for the massive, free upgrade.

Houston Astros cheating probe widens to almost 60 witnesses, 76,000 emails


Major League Baseball has interviewed almost 60 people and obtained tens of thousands of electronic messages in its investigation into allegations the broke rules by using a television camera to steal signs.

Former Houston pitcher Mike Fiers sparked the investigation when he told the Athletic last month the Astros had used the camera to steal signs in 2017 during the team’s run to its first World Series title.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said last month MLB was investigating Houston’s conduct for the past three seasons, and he hoped to complete the inquiry before the start of next season.

“I think that this is probably the most thorough investigation that the commissioner’s office has ever undertaken,” he said Wednesday at the winter meetings. “I think we’ve interviewed already nearly 60 witnesses, 76,000 e-mails, a whole additional trove of instant messages.

“That review has caused us to conclude that we have to do some follow-up interviewing. It is my hope to conclude the investigation just as promptly as possible, but it’s really hard to predict how long something like that is going to take.”

Astros manager AJ Hinch and Boston manager Alex Cora, the Astros’ 2017 bench coach, said they had spoken with investigators, and Hinch said he had been involved in several sessions. New York Mets manager Carlos Beltrán, a Houston player in 2017, refused to say whether he had been interviewed.

“At this point in the investigatArsenal’s head of football Raul Sanllehi says the club have enough “ammunition” to secure transfer targets this summer.The Gunners will lose Aaron Ramsey, Danny Welbeck and Petr Cech after letting their contracts expire.But Sanllehi is confident thion it would be wholly inappropriate for me to speculate about what types of discipline might be in play,” Manfred said. “I’m going to get all the facts in front of me and make a decision as promptly as possible on discipline.”

MLB strengthened its rules against electronic sign stealing before the 2019 season, and Manfred said the rules are reviewed eacise on teammate Raheem Sterling.Sterling, insists Delph, now belongs at the top tier of today’s stars.“I joined City with Raheem, so for me to see Raheem’s ­development as debut in Major League Soccer.He was playing for FC Cincinnati for the first time since joining the club temporarily in the January transfer window.Locadia netted in the 71st minute, only seven minutes after he came off the bench for Cincinnati.His nd to push him, to be that voice in his ear, I still felt very much part of ih offseason to determine whether more alterations are warranted.

Trailblazing NFL coach Dennis Green was far more than just a soundbite


For many football fans, Dennis Green will be remembered for one thing. His when his Arizona Cardinals lost to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football is probably one of the 10 best coach blow-ups of all time. Most mentions of his name are quickly followed by the refrain: “The Bears are what we thought they were.”

riticising the players during their El Clasico defeat at Real Madrid.Quique Setien’s No2 is well known for his passionate style of management.Sarabia’s reactions on the bench throughout the match were caught by Movistar’s cameras.”He is doing nothing

But to recall Green, who , as a caricature from a video clip is unfair. He was far more than a guy who got mad after a nationally televised loss in a football game. He was an essential coach at an important time for the NFL. He made o has opened the door to a future move to Real Madrid.He was at the FIFA’s Best ceremony on Monday evening in Milan after being nominated for the Best FIFA Men’s coach award.It has been a poorly kept secret that Pochettino would be interested in a reone of the most cherished and lucrative destination jobs in professional sports – NFL head coach – a possibility for many African-American men who never thought such a chance was real.

Only two black men had ever coached an NFL team when the hired Green in 1992. One of those men, Fritz Pollard, was a player-coach in the 1920s. The other was Art Shell, who was hired by the Raiders in 1989. Unlike Shell, who lasted six seasons, Green became an institution in Minnesota, coaching there for a decade. He turned the Vikings into consistent winners, going to the playoffs in eight of those 10 seasons.

In January 1999, he narrowly missed becoming the first African-American coach to take a team to the Super Bowl when Vikings kicker Gary Anderson, who hadn’t missed a kick in two years, that would have sealed the NFC championship game. Two years later, his Vikings lost another conference title game, this time in New York.

He won’t be remembered as the most successful black coach. Both Tony Dungy and Mike Tomlin hargen Klopp admits winning the Club World Cup will mean much more to opponents Flamengo and Brazilian football fans than those in England.The German believes that Flamengo will be “treated as heroes” and enjoy ‘a proper party’ if they lift the trophy,ve won Super Bowls. But Green went 113-94 in his career, his record undercut by three years as coach of the then-moribund Cardinals. He won four NFC Central titles at a time when many owners and general managers were hesitant to hire black coaches. He may not have gone to that elusive Super Bowl as a head coach but he made it easier for men like Dungy, Tomlin, Jim Caldwell and Hue Jackson to be hired.

The NFL is a better place because of Dennis Green.

Part of his success was that he embraced 49ers coach Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offense, working with Walsh as an assistant after a failed run as head coach at Northwestern. For three years he was Jerry Rice’s position coach, taking the lessons of his work with Rice to Stanford where he was head coach for three seasons and then the Vikings where he managed Cris Carter and Randy Moss, helping turn both into NFL stars.

Instead, most people will think of Green and remember him shouting about the Bears. That was in the last season at Arizona, when the Cardinals’ dysfunction was in bloom. Hopefully he will be remembered for more than a video clip. He was a very good head coach at a time when football needed him to be one.

New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early shot in early-morning attack


small forward Cleanthony Early was held up at gunpoint and shot in the right leg during an early-morning attack in Queens on Wednesday.

Early, 24, who had played 29 seconds inrs are holding firm in their demands for Aston Villa target Alfredo Morelos.The Premier League side are determined to sign a new attacker, with the Colombian international the man they believe can get them enough goals to stay in the league.But Footb the Knicks’ 108-96 victory over the Pistons earlier that night, was shot in his right leg while traveling in an Uber car, detectives said. The attack took place at about 4am after Early left a strip club in the Maspeth neighborhood of Queens.

According to the New York Daily News, Early, 24, was surrounded by four to six people wearing ski masks and robbed of his items and jewelry – including a gold necklace and gold caps on his teeth, souool defender Glen Johnson has backed Manchester United’s move for Harry Maguire before the end of the summer window. United and Leicester City are still haggling over terms for the England international.“If United have come calling again, they knowrces said. Early was taken to Elmhurst hospital in stable condition, and was later being transported to another hospital. His injury does not appear to be life-threatening.

“We are aware of what occurred with Cleanthony Early this morning and are relieved that he is not in a life-threatening situation,” the Knicks said in a statement. “We ill not comment any further until we receive more information.”

Early, who grew up in the Bronx, is in his second season with the Knicks. He was drafted in 2014 after attending Wichita State.

The theft comes about 10 days after Knicks forward Derrick Williams was robbed of $617,000 in jewelry from his home. He had taken home two women from a Manhattan club. Police are still looking for suspects.

Williams has declined to comment on the theft, but the case raised questions about whether players should have a curfew like other professional sports. In April, Indiana Pacers forward Chris Copelay Maguire feels they’d be further up the table if not for defensive lapses this season.He would much prefer a few ugly wins and a festive charge that puts United bang in the top-four picture.Ahead of today’s trip to Watford, Maguire admitted: “Thatnd, his girlfriend and another woman were stabbed following a late-night argument on the street near a Manhattan nightclub.

Knicks coach Derek Fisher was asked about the policy at a news conference after Williams was robbed.

“I don’t really have to get into our policies of what you can and can’t do,” he told reporters last week. “We don’t have a curfew like in the NFL or other sports do on certain nights. It’s an unfortunate incident.”

Could the Panthers be the most likeable NFL team in 30 years?


With six games left in the season, the are on pace to make history. Yes, there’s the opportunity to go 16-0, which would be an impressive feat indeed. But the Panthers are threatening to do something far more notable, something that was thought to be impossible in Roger Goodell’s NFL. They could be … hold onto your butts … an NFL team that is legitimately fun.

If you are not entertained by Cam Newton’s outstanding play this year, or if you don’t like that his performance on the field has allowed him to dance in the end zone and , then you can save yourself some time and click away from this column straight away. Maybe there’s an article somewhere out there championing Andy Dalton for looking out for America’s children and the “integrity” of the game as . A column like that, or your angry aunt’s Facebook feed, might be more your style.

For the rest of the sports world, Cam Newton is entertaining. He’s fun. Believe it or not, entertainment and fun is kind of what draws most fans to sports in the first place. No little kid falls in love with football over concussions, TV timeouts, uniform violations, charity initiatives that , daily fantasy controversies, Greg Hardy, tone deaf commissioners, incomprehensible rules on what constitutes a catch, torn ligaments, missed extra points, touchbacks, backup quarterbacks or endless video replay. Yet all that is increasingly what defines the NFL. If not for players and personalities like Cam Newton, who actually dare to openly enjoy the game, the modern NFL would easily supplant church as Sunday’s most yawn-inducing institution.

Some players dance after touchdowns, some players hand the ball directly to the ref. Neither one is wrong. Variety is the spice of life and all that, right? At least Cam Newton didn’t focus group test his post-TD celebration first like Russell Wilson likely would have for maximum branding. Yet there still remain people upset that Cam Newton “dabs.” He just played a game on Sunday against a team called the REDSKINS and Newton, the smiling guy on the undefeated team, is the big problem? It’s a remarkable world we live in.

The 2015 Panthers are so much more than Cam Newton, though. Even if you’re part of the vocal anti-dabbing community, or if you remain unable to get past him taking , there’s plenty to like about Carolina.

Love old-time, hard-hitting defense? The Panthers are fifth in the in points allowed. Prefer explosive offense? Despite losing star receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the season to injury in August, Carolina is somehow third in the league in scoring at 29.9 points per game (and that’s sure to go way up with another game against the Saints remaining on the schedule).

Are you a fan of fat guy touchdowns? . Enjoy the films of Sandy Bullock? The Panthers . Appreciate funny Twitter accounts or just anything that craps all over Dan Snyder? . Want to watch a shutdown cornerback who isn’t completely overexposed? Check out Josh Norman. Like players who are active in the community? Carolina gives you , and . (. Yes, it appears that post-TD dabbing doesn’t necessarily make a man rotten to his core.) Are you entertained by fun names? Carolina has a guy named Star and another called Fozzy. Entertained by fun names and have the sense of humor of an 11 year-old boy? Carolina’s practice squad features Cox and a Ball. And are you just a little bit worried that the Panthers have too much fun, considering ? Do not fear. They have Derek Anderson as Newton’s backup, so he’ll make sure they .

Barring Roger Goodell implementing emergency rules that ban non-league approved enjoyment, the Panthers could go down as fun a team as the 1999 “Greatest Show On Turf” St Louis Rams. That team featured a supermarket stock boy turned NFL superstar in Kurt Warner, do-everything back Marshall Faulk and a head coach in Dick Vermeil who seemed to react to most every touchdown by sobbing uncontrollably. That was a fun NFL team to root for and watch.

Before the ‘99 Rams, the 1985 Chicago Bears were the NFL’s fun benchmark. They featured Walter Payton, Refrigerator Perry, Jim McMahon, Mike Ditka and The Super Bowl Shuffle, a song released tFiorentina now expect Borja Valero to stay with Inter Milan.The midfielder has been linked with Fiorentina.“There is zero chance for Borja to be back in the Viola jersey,” Fiorentina director Daniele Pradè told FCInter1908.it.“He is staying with the Nerazzurri, a marvellous squad. “He is not going anywhere, not to Spain and not to Fiorentina. He is 100 per cent staying with Inter.”hree months before the team actually won a title. Just imagine Cam Newton dropping a rap anthem right now about winning the Super Bowl. The heat generated from the takes would boil Earth’s oceans. But in 1985, the general reaction to the Bears video was: “Ha. That’s fun.” Maybe Ronald Reagan’s America really was a utopia after all.

We need the Panthers. They are the NFL’s best shot at beating the Patriots and our greatest hop34-year-old will call time on his City career at the end of the season following 10 trophy-laden years at the Etihad Stadium.”I moved to Eibar a very short time before the beginning of the 2004-05 season and it was the only one available,” he told the for making the NFL fun again. If that’s not enough for you, consider that they’re playing the Cowboys this week on Thanksgiving. Cam Newton can humiliate Greg Hardy and Jerrynsigne has apologised to fans for their defeat to Roma.Roma won 2-1 on the day.“We apologise to the fans, as we know that we can do better, but sometimes there are incidents like the ones on Wednesday that influence us,” Insigne told Radio Kiss Kis Jones in front of the entire nation. If that’s not worth dancing over, then nothing is.

Tears of renown: Wilmer Flores offers rare proof that stars are just like us


The image was stark. Wilmer Flores, the 23-year-old Mets shortstop, pacing around his mark in the outfield. Eyes red, bottom lip quivering. He spits, exhales, chews his gum, shakes his head. Flores broke a sporting taboo on Wednesday night by crying on the outfield at Citi Field, and, like the tears down his cheeks, sympathy and support rolled in.

Why did Flores cry? In part, because of a misunderstanding. Flores thought he was going to be traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, in deal that would bring star hitter Carlos Gomez to New York. Rumors of the imminent trade filtered through mid-game. Was this to be Flores’s last appearance as a Met? Still in the game, he guessed it would be. He was hurt, upset, emotional – and so he cried. Sometimes, in sport, it just all gets too much.

“During the game I heard about I was getting traded,” Flores told the media after the game. “I got emotional, and when I came in they told me I was not traded.”

When Flores came into bat in the bottom of the seventh inning, he received a standing ovation from Mets fans, as they watched him take what they thought would be his last swings as a Met. Flores is well liked in Queens, “a shortstop in progress who has displayed impressive power to go with an uncertain glove”, as the New York Times put it. But for various reasons, the trade collapsed. Ffender Maya Yoshida has made a donation to the Saints Foundation.The central defender will offer one perfect of his annual salary to the charity organisation.He is not the only footballer to pursue such an endeavour, with Manchester United’s Juan Matlores will be staying put – at least for a while.

Crying in sport. Is it still taboo? It doesn’t happen that often. Flores showed emotion, but he also revealed the similarities between athletes and us mortals. Sports stars aren’t robots. They might be better-looking, richer, and slightly more monomaniacal than us, but they’re human too.

Soccer star Paul Gascoigne famously cried in England’s World Cup semi-final against West Germany in 1990 after a yellow card ruled him out of the final. Tears rolled down his face. Gascoigne’s tears were real, because a bad thing had happened to him. His explanation was one we could understand: “When things are good and I can see they’re about to end, I get scared, really scared. I couldn’t help but cry that night.”

That’s the funny thing about tears: you can’t stop them. Feel overwhelmed, and it’s tough to turn the tide. Top athletes have the ability to keep their emotions in check: to shut out their nerves and insecurities,sn’t interested about Liverpool’s Premier League title chances.The Reds moved 13 points clear with a stunning 4-0 win over second-placed Leicester on Boxing Day.”I couldn’t be less interested in that [talk that the title race is over] to be honest,” and do in matches as they do in practice. To go alongside their talent, dedication and hard work, professional athletes possess a almost supernatural mental strength.

But sometimes it slips. Laura Bassett, who scored an own goal in England’s World Cup semi-final against Japan last month, burst into tears almost immediately. It was the last kick of the game; there was no time to right her mistake. Her hands around her face betrayed her shock and disbelief.

Andre Agassi cried as he bowed out of tennis at the 2006 US Open. Was it joy or sadness? “Never more than at that moment did Agassi seem so vulnerable, looking far older than his 36 years,” reported the AP, and Agassi told the spectators on court: “The scoreboard said I lost today, but what the scoreboard doesn’t say is what it is I have found. Over the last 21 years, I have found loyalty. You have pulled for me on the court and also in life. I found inspiration. You have willed me to succeed, sometimes even in my lowest moments, and I’ve found generosity. You have given me your shoulders to stand on to reach for my dreams, dreams I could never have reached without you.”

But Agassi was soft-spoken and sensitive. We could imagine him getting emotional. Andy Murray’s tears when he lost in the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer in 2012 were so heart-rending precisely because Murray seems so in control of his emotions. He tried to the tears back by cracking a joke, by blowing out his cheeks, but he couldn’t stop them. His sadness and disappointment shone through. It was just too much.

Tears represent a sliver of vulnerability in usually otherwordly people. We think sportsmen and women are impregnable, buer League title with Liverpool is a regret that will stay with him for life.The Reds came close in 2014 before Gerrard’s famous slip allowed Chelsea to win at Anfield, with Manchester City eventually surpassing Brendan Rodgers’ side.”We missed a fantt the heart-rending Bubba Watson, Derek Redmond, John Terry, Jana Novotna would suggest otherwise. They’re people like us.

Well done Wilmer Flores. Here’s to more tears in sports.

Bill Belichick surprise press conference steers Deflategate into the surreal


It was the day took a detour into the surreal.

Bill Belichick, the notoriously media-averse coach of the , called a surprise press conference on Saturday afternoon, then went on an unexpected offensive in the face of a football-deflation controversy that had led network TV newscasts for days.

He was 35 minutes late. He spoke at length about ball textures, equilibriums, rubbing processes and atmospheric pressures. He , a character from the 1992 Joe Pesci comedy My Cousin Vinny.

And then it got weird.

“I’m embarrassed to talk about the amount of time that I’ve put into this relative to the important challenge in front of us,” Belichick said, in a break from preparing his team for next week’s Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in Glendale, Arizona.

“At no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or try to gain an advantage. Quite the opposite. We feel we followed the rules of the game to the letter.”

What followed – the meat of Belichick’s 23-minute remarks – was the coach’s most detailed and defiant respier League clubs coming in for youngster Bukayo Saka.The 18-year-old has been a rising star for the Gunners this season.He rose to prominence under Unai Emery and continued his excellent form under Mikel Arteta.The Arsenal-look-fend-Bukayo-Saka-securonse to a scandal that has turned the sports world on its head in the week since the Patriots were of tampering with game footballs in their over the Indianapolis Colts.

He said the team conducted an internal investigation by simulating a game-day situation in terms of the preparation of footballs.

Because science.

Belichick expounded, matter-of-factly:


Go on.

The inherent absurdity of the grumpiest man in sports giving a high-school physics lecture to a room of grown men and women aside, the content of the remarks was so breathtakingly insipid it left the observer wondering what they were doing with their life. It was more performance art than routine component in the news-gathering process.

Given that Belichick’s defense doesn’t hold up to the most casual scrutiny – why did it happen to the Patriots’ balls and not those used by the Colts – this was a master class in creating plausible deniability. Say what you want about congeniality (or the immutability of the laws of thermodynamics), Belichick’s obfuscation game is on 100.

That was not to say Saturday’s scene was unreal. Belichick’s detached sangfroid was tested more than once, certainly compared to the far more familiar monotone vagaries of . He even , an unimaginable prospect even an hour before. Beneath the bizarre theatre was a man defending the legitimacy of his entire body of work, speaking with a Jessupian vigor grounded in leviathan self-belief.

Saturday’s news conference means nothing, in the long run. The did not outline a timetable for its investigation in a statement on Friday and likely won’t move on it until well after the Super Bowl. Which made Belichick’s unnecessary decision to hold it that much more cryptic – and compelling.

Now the Patriots appear proactive. Deflategate isn’t going away – Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day should be fun – but once mortension.Following the news that Tim Krul signed a new contract, the Norwich Evening News suggests that Vrancic could be next.The 30-year-old was a key player for the team as they earned promotion, scoring 10 goals and managing seven assists in the Che Bill Belichick has outmaneuvered the NFL and hijacked the narrative to his presumptive ar Kalvin Phillips.The Mirror says Wolves and Bournemouth have joined Aston Villa in the race to sign Phillips.Villa have offered £11million for Phillips and now Leeds’ rising midfield star has attracted interest from Wolves and Bournemouth.Phillips,dvantage.

b to re-ignite their interest in Nabil Fekir.The R


A league source said the have told closer will for a trade leading up to the July 31 non-waiver deadline, according to .com. Cishek is under team control this season, will reach arbitration next year and won’t be available for free agency until 2018.

Cishek is 1-4 with a 4.50 ERA and 1.38 WHIP through 24 appearances this season. He is 5 for 7 in save chances.

More News 29D ago • by RotoWire Staff 03/20/2020 • by RotoWire Staff s form.Referring to Everton’s defeat to Brighton, Cascarino wrote for The Times: “Yet another entry in the catalogue of Jordan Pickford errors shows why the Everton keeper’s days as England’s number 1 are numbered… beaten easily by a set piece, (wh 01/07/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 08/21/2019 • by RotoWire Staff ws where Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba plans to with the club’s summer signings.Che Adams has joined from Birmingham City and Moussa Djenepo from Standard Liege.”Southampton have strengthened pretty well,” he said.”Ralph identified the areas of the squad that were a bit lacking and pace was one omove.Pogba’s future is up in the air at United, with Real Madrid and Juventus both keen.Former Juve coach Conte was seen in conversation with Pogba before Inter’s defeat to United in Singapore 08/19/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 08/17/2019 • by RotoWire Staff

s believes his old club can dominate the game afte


catcher may need to go on the disabled list , the Seattle Times reports.

Sucre was hit in the forearm by a pitch in Tuesday’s win over the White Sox. X-rays didn’t reveal a break but they showed something “possibly more serious than mere bruising on the hand.” 

The Mariners could call up either top prospect Mike Zunino or less heralded farmhand Brandon Bantz if Sucre needs to go on the disabled list.

More News 10/22/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/30/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/28/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/24/2019 • by RotoWire Staff an emotional farewell to Tottenham.Perez was let go by Spurs on Monday, along with manager Mauricio Pochettino and the rest of his coaching staff.He wrote on Twitter: “#COYS. Thank you from our heart to our players , staff, and special thanks to you 04/22/2019 • by RotoWire Staff ham City fullback Kristian Pedersen is planning to move to the Premier League this summer.The subject of an offer from Watford in January, Pedersen admits he feels ready for a top-flight switch.He told BT: “My plans for the future are simple. I have oken of his title winning season with Manchester United.The Dutchman signed from Arsenal for a cut-price £24 million in the summer of 2012 and netted 26 goals in his opening campaign to beat Manchester City to top spot by 11 points. “Like all season 04/18/2019 • by RotoWire Staff

er United defender Chris Smalling.Smalling’s perma


outfielder mad a bit of history with teammate Troy Tulowitzki Wednesday against the Reds. Gonzalez hit three home runs and Tulowitzki added five hits and two home runs, the first time in major league history a pair of teammates has combined for those numbers in a game.

Gonzalez went 3 for 5 with three RBI and three runs scored in the game, his second career three-homer game. The Rockies won the game easaser Forster to leave on-loan for Celtic.Forster joined Celtimits he loved his time with Hamburg.So much so, that he admits he never wanted to leave the German giants.”Actually, I never wanted to leave Hamburg because I felt very good there,” he recalled to Spox. “That’s why the exit hurt so much.”Son left forc for the season in the summer and played out of his skin to ensure the Hoops beat Rangers in last weekend’s Scottish Cup final. Hasenhuttl said: “First, I am very happy that after a longily, 12-4. 

Gonzalez is now hitting .313 with 17 home runs, a mark that puts him second in the National League.  

More News 03/13/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/10/2020 • by RotoWire Staff drid ace Saul Niguez admits he grew up basing his game on Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.Saul also says it was dream come true when Fernando Torres returned to the club.He said, “With Torres at Atleti I started to love Gerrard and I thought I wanted 02/11/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 01/28/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 07/03/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 06/29/2019 • by RotoWire Staff

outh relegated from the Premier League.The Clarets


outfielder (knee) told reporters Thursday he hasn’t resumed baseball activities, but he’s hopeful he’ll go on a next week. He added the swelling in his knee hasn’t gone down.

“I want to get back in this lineup 100 percent, not 80 percent,” hend Claudio Ranieri have been linked with the AC Milan head coach role by various Italian outlets following their poor start to the season under Marco Giampaolo, says Sky Sports.Milan lost 3-1 at home to Fiorentina on Sunday – their fourth defeat in t said.

Nationals manager Davey Johnson said Harper will have by Dr. James Andrews Monday.

s focus again.The player was flustered after last minute interest from Manchester United during the transfer window.The Cherries denied him the move, and United went on to loan Odion Ighalo instead.But Francis thinks that King will bounce back.Franci More News 03/10/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/10/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/10/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 09/29/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 09/25/2019 • by RotoWire Staff hy to discuss transfers within the next few days. The Spaniard succeeded Unai Emery as Gunners boss last week and has immediately set his sights on bolstering his squad during the January transfer market. Asked about transfers ahead of the Boxing Day 09/24/2019 • by RotoWire Staff

Bryan Cristante has signed a new deal with AS Roma


catcher enjoyed a big day at the plate as he launched his first home run of the season and drove three runs Saturday against the Rockies. Federowicz took starter Jhoulys Chacin deep for a solo home run in thsurge with Trabzonspor has him attracting fresh interest from China.Having cut ties with Liverpool over the summer, the former England striker had a sluggish start to his time in Turkey.However now fully fit, Sturridge is flying, having scored five ge third and slapped a two-run single in the sixth. He finished 2 for 5 with a run scored and three RBI in a 7-6 defeat in extras.Federowicz is hitting .200 (2 for 10) in his last three games since his recall from Triple-A Alburquerque.

More News 12/19/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 11/04/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 09/20/2019 r Diego Costa has seen offers dry up for him this summer.Atletico’s board have made Costa available this summer after his meltdown at Barcelona last season and subsequent season-ending suspension.That’s according to Okdiario’s chief pundit Eduardo In • by RotoWire Staff 08/04/20 Anil Murthy has hit out at the press after a chaotic start to the season.Before their Champions League win at Chelsea, Murthy was asked directly if he had apologised to the players on behalf of club owner Peter Lim over the sacking of Marcelino.But 19 • by RotoWire Staff 08/01/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 07/24/2019 • by RotoWire Staff

van Dijk admits they targeted Manchester United’s


The waived minor-league pitcher Saturday to clear up room on the 40-man roster for the acquisition of David Huff.

Rondon was strugglingMilan this summer.But he told Fph says Chelsea are threatening to recall Morata from Atletico Madrid if the Spaniards don’t cough vealed Sadio Mane suffered a dead leg and knee injury in Sunday’s 2-1 over Chelsea. The Senegalese was forced off after N’Golo Kante’s mazy run and finish got Chelsea back in the game.”It was a knock on the bone, around the knee, and a dead leg,” saiup some £50million for the forward.Morata joined Atletico on an 18-month loan deal in January, but the Blues can cut the loan short this summer if Dieour Four Two: “It’s a nice feeling when you get praise for your good work, but I’m not thinking about a transfer at the moment.”I’ve just arrived at Everton. I’m happy here.”Brazil are set to take on Qatar and Honduras at Double-A Trenton, posting a 7.46 ERA in 12 appearances. 

Attanasio denies Brewers aren’t hustling, praises Roenicke


owner Mark Attanasio sounded slightly despondent while talking in the Brewers TV broadcast booth Wednesday.

“If I didn’t sound despondent at 4-16 (this month) and down 7-0 (to the Dodgers) I have a problem,’’ Attanasio said.

He has a point. The native New Yorker and current Los Angeleno has put immense effort into building and maintaining a winner in Milwaukee. But are his players doing the same?

Under Attanasio’s stewardship, The Crew definitely has caught on with the Milwaukee masses. Despite playing in baseball’s smallest market, the Brewers’ average attendance of 30,388 is 14thbest in the bigs.

They are the hot ticket in town. (The Bucks are passé.) But the team has remained decidedly cool through May and entered Thursday tied for last in the NL Central with the Cubs, at 18-27.  

Attanasio is doing what he can considering the constraints. The Brewers’ $91 million payroll is right smack dab in the middle, generous in light of revenues. The owner signed free agent pitcher for $33 million over three years practically on the eve of the season over the objections of his general manager Doug Melvin, and he brought back when the bullpen was struggling. (It’s now doing well.)

Attanasio surely has done his part to try to make his Brewers a winner. But are his players rewarding him by doing the same?

One scout who recently watched the Brewers for a stand said the Brewers players don’t appear to be putting put out maximum effort. More times than they should, the scout said, they’d make a 90-degree turn toward the dugout before even reaching the first-base bag on groundouts. He didn’t say it was everyone, just too many guys.

“I haven’t heard that from the GM or manager. The guys may be a little down. But I saw them before (Wednesday’s game), and there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. That was a very spirited dugout,’’ Attanasio said in a phone interview with CBSSports.com. “One thing I like about (manager) Ron Roenicke, the players play hard for him. That has not been the issue.’’

Attanasio then made a joke abut how there’s actually been a little too much hustling, a reference to the chance-taking , the hot hitter known for occasional gaffes who was just thrown out at third base, down 6-0, in the Dodgers game they’d lose 9-2.

Anyway, Attanasio decided, “I don’t know what that the scout saw. I did not see that.’’ What he saw, he said, was climbing the wall to rob of a home run, then homering himself, while down 7-zip.

What Attanasio has seen, he said, is a bullpen that’s been good lately ( has been a godsend as the new closer), a rotation that’s struggling and an offense that’s been good in spurts but remains streaky. He didn’t mention the base running, but it’s been bizarre, at times.

 , who has been one of a few bright spots on offense, actually one time stole first from second (he absentmindedly vacated second after thinking he was out, then grabbed a lifeline at first), before later in the inning being thrown out at second.

That kind of once-in-a-lifetime play would be funny if the team wasn’t tied for last following a series defeat to the equally disappointing Dodgers, Attanasio’s hli had Brescia ahead before Ciro Immobile netted twice – with a penalty converted in injury-time.“The team believed to the end,” Inzaghi told Sky Sport Italia.“We knew it would be difficult today, Brescia had prepared well and even gave up vacatiometown team. But while Don Mattingly is obviously on the hot seat in Attanasio’s adopted hometown, there’s been only slight speculation abut Roeneicke’s job status. Attanasio said Roenicke is safe.

“Ron Roening attacker Yannick Carrasco.Arsenal have been heavily linked with the £25million Belgian, who even admitted a deal was on the table from the Gunners last week.But BILD says Bayern are now entering the race.Bayern’s first-choice target is Manchestercke is not the issue,’’ Attanasio said. “He won 96 games in 2011, and in 2012 he got us within 1 ½ games of the Cardinals with 10 games to go (before falling back). Before today, we had exactly the same record as last year.’’

That doesn’t mean Attanasio doesn’t see issues with the team. The hitters have put up decent numbers (especially Segura, Gomez, Ryan Braun, and when healthy ) but are not jelling as a team. ‘We’ve been getting good individual performances in many games. But we’re not performing well as a team,’’ he said.

The Brewers are “not hitting situationally’’ and have a “streakiness’’ that’s hurt them, Attanasio said. Despite being slightly above average offensively (12thin OPS overall), Milwaukee has scored exactly one run in seven games during their 4-16 May.

Meanwhile, the Brewers’ rotation carries a 5.28 ERA, which is fourth from the bottom in baseball. As for the starting pitchers, they “need to do betsays there are similarities between himself and Liverpool midfielder Fabinho.The Brazilian made 41 appearances in his debut season for the club as they won the Champions League.Alonso was a key player in the Reds midfield from 2004 to 2009, and the Ster,’’ Attanasio said at one point. “We just need our starters to pitch at their career norm.’’

He expressed faith ace (3-4, 4.50 ERA) would do better, as he did with slumping catcher , a .300 hitter in the past who’s batting .226.

He hopes for the best doesn’t see a quick fix at the moment after adding Lohse (who’s done well but is missing one start with elbow discomfort) and K-Rod.

“If it was just one thing, we could do something about it,’’ Attanasio said.

In the meantime, he is not focused on Roenicke as part of the problem. “I think one of Ron’s strengths as manager is he maintains the same demeanor, good or bad,’’ Attanasio said.

As Attanasio well knows, when things are going this bad, 4-16 bad, that’s not so easy to do.

Newcastle United have made an offer for PSG defend


reliever was reinstated from Tuesday. Heer City star Raheem Sterling has admitted that he suffered serious Paul Ince says they should move for Southampton striker Danny Ings.A back injury to Marcus Rashford has United seeking a replacement this month.“United have to consider who’s actually going to be available,” Ince told Paddy Power.“Who in their rilows after joining the club.Sterling was signed in a big money deal from Liverpool in 2015.However, he made a slow start to life at the Etihad club, finding himself going through a ba has posted a 4.50 ERA in five relief outiia box after the FA Cup final to go on an anti-Liverpool rant against press members on Saturday evening.Just days after City boss Pep Guardiola accused the media of wanting Liverpool to win the league title, the fan also demanded better coverage aftengs.