2020 April

Security teams turn to automation to tackle avalanche of alerts

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High numbers of alerts and the resources needed to deal with them are causing problems for security teams and leading them to turn to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) tools in order to cope.A new report from security automation specialist finds teams are being inundated with more than 174,000 alerts every week and security […]

You don’t need to use a Microsoft Account to download apps from Window 10’s Store

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With , Microsoft is particularly keen for you to use a Microsoft Account. It’s something that was present in Windows 8, and it is still billed as a way to sync settings and apps between computers. While you may be encouraged to use a Microsoft Account, it is not necessary — you can use a […]

Apple reduces 2TB iCloud monthly price to $9.99, upgrades 1TB users at no extra cost

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If you are a hardcore user of Apple products and you need cloud storage, iCloud is your best bet. True, a solution like Dropbox offers better cross-platform support — including for Linux desktop — but if you have, for instance, a Mac, iPhone, and iPad, iCloud just works so smoothly. If you are all-in on Apple, […]

Top developers just don’t care about Windows Phone

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With the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1, the tiled smartphone operating system has gained a significant number of great new features, turning into a much more powerful and able rival to the more-popular Android and iOS. But, no matter how good it may be, top developers still treat Windows Phone as a second-tier platform, that […]

Google Assistant is coming to the Messages app and RCS marches on

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Google has a history of changing its mind about messaging services, launching and closing them left, right and center. The company now seems pretty invested in its Messages platform, and has been gradually adding more and more features to increase its appeal.Google’s latest move sees it bringing Assistant integration to the Messages app so you […]

SMBs are missing out on IP communications

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Using IP communications can save businesses a lot of money, but new research suggests that smaller businesses may be missing out. and have surveyed 1,250 SMB decision-makers at companies with fewer than 500 employees. The results show that IP communication adoption rates in the SMB sector are quite low, averaging just 25 percent across companies […]

Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners can get early access to Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby — here’s how

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Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, and Microsoft has Cortana. Samsung doesn’t currently have a voice assistant, but one is on its way. Bixby is described as “an intelligent, persok.Digne captained Everton for the first time on Tuesday during the 2-0 League Cup victory over Sheffield Wednesday.He said, “If you are […]

Syntonic launches BYOD billing management for smaller businesses

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The rise of BYOD offers businesses improved flexibility and employee productivity, but those things come at a price. BYOD can lead to extra costs such as needing to reimburse staff for air time.Mobile platform provider  is launching DataFlex, an operator-inWatford will face Ajax and Bayer Leverkusen over preseason, according to reports.Sports broadcasting network ESPN have […]

Amazon adds Sunday delivery to 15 more US cities

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Amazon’s future plans for delivery have been all over the news recently. From drones to rumors the company will start its own seeltman.The fullback was the subject of intense interest from West Ham United over the summer.Overmars told Ajax TV: “It was too dangerous to let him go. I understand that it was a shame for him, […]

Titanfall is coming to Xbox One, and bringing a bundle with it

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2014 is still young, but the tech news has been hot, and much of it surrounds the two new gaming systems on the market. Some of that news has been hype for the upcoming Titanfall, a title that is generating a lot buzz from the gaming community. Microsoft fueled that fire last week with a […]